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About Peace River CBD

Born in Valleyford, Washington

As founders, our deep experience in agriculture is what originally attracted us to explore all aspects of the hemp supply chain from seed to sale as it was becoming legalized back in 2018. As industry insiders, while we came to understand the cost and revenue models to grow and process hemp, what did not make any sense was the prices consumers were being charged at the retail level.

CBD can’t help you if you can’t afford to use it! As an industry insider, we can unequivocally say that there is no reason that high quality CBD should cost you as much as your electric or cell phone bill. That’s just crazy.

At Peace River CBD, you will always be confident that you’re obtaining premium quality CBD products at affordable, cost-plus pricing. Our quality is not an idle claim; we have the Certificates of Analysis to back it up! Additionally, our products are manufactured in an FDA registered facility that also carries a highly valued GMP Certification. We enthusiastically invite you to compare our lab analysis panels and certifications to those of any other product on the market. We would not offer that challenge if we could not back it up. Good CBD is good CBD wherever you get it. Period.

Who We Are

We want CBD to become a practical part of peoples’ lives/wellness – not a luxury. The stresses and wear on our bodies make overall wellness more important today than ever. Especially in such “unfamiliar” times as we live in, it can become more and more difficult to find that inner calm we call on to steady ourselves and see things in perspective. We don’t notice the sunshine or the friendly smile from a stranger. For some, our engine is constantly revving with worry, but there’s no place to go. Others may feel like they’re stuck in a ditch and can’t get back on the highway. A restful night’s sleep is a distant memory.

But in this same time and space, happiness, abundance, and beauty are still all around us patiently waiting to be noticed again. It is obscured, but not gone. It’s a question of learning to change our focus. It just takes practice. Adding CBD to your daily routine is a small step that can have a large impact in helping restore balance to your health and help rediscover the wonderful world all around you. 

Besides helping our customers restore wellness back into their lives, we have another reason for breaking the high-priced CBD products mold with our cost-plus pricing. If CBD prices aren’t brought down to earth where everyone can afford it, our new CBD industry in the US will wither and die. High retail prices are strangling our best hemp farmers by backing up crop surpluses they can’t sell. If you’ve experienced the benefits of good CBD, would you like to see it help others, too?

Plant scientists are rapidly selecting for superior strains of non-GMO hemp with each growing season. At the same time, technology in processing and THC remediation is advancing by leaps and bounds resulting in improved ways to preserve the plant’s delicate terpenes and cannabinoid-rich profile throughout the extraction process. Our business model intentionally avoids being tied to any outdated legacy technologies or genetic strains when we source our CBD.

A lot of proud US farmers – large and small – do make fantastic products. But it is not always the same ones each year! This is another reason that it made sense for us to avoid relying on a single farm or point of origin for our CBD and source from the broader US wholesale market where we could choose the finest products produced in a given year. 

There is no shortage of high-quality, US-grown, raw products out in the US marketplace. We require our hemp to be grown using sustainable practices and 100% in accordance with organic practices. Not all growers conform to that and especially so with hemp grown outside of the US. Sometimes the finest hemp could be from a farm deep in the rolling green hills of Kentucky, the sunny Front Range of Colorado, or the foothills of the Cascades in the Pacific Northwest. Cherry-picking the best to deliver to you is what you are getting in each of our products.  Wherever it is, we’ll find it and package it. Why do any less? 

Peace River FAQ

Why is our CBD so affordable?

Better yet, why is your current CBD so overpriced?

Our lower pricing is not because our CBD oil is made with cheap ingredients! Quite the contrary. We’ve decided to shed some light on the CBD market. At Peace River CBD®, we’re all about transparency, which is what makes us so unique in the industry. So many businesses have been distributing and selling CBD at such high prices, and we’ve decided to put a stop to that because… there is no need.

CBD is a natural byproduct of hemp plants. The process of growing the hemp plant, farming the land, extracting the CBD, bottling and shipping the product is the entire front-to-back, step-by-step process of the industry. Our hemp plants are 100% American-grown, so we’re not outsourcing to other countries. The CBD is CO2 extracted to avoid residual solvents found in other extraction technologies. Then why is CBD oil always so expensive?

Well, it’s been up to the discretion of the company selling you the CBD oil. We understand that so many individuals in the United States want CBD oil but can’t justify the insane price, which is where we come in. We believe that CBD can’t do you any good if you can’t afford it!

Plain and simple: At Peace River, you get a premium CBD product for an affordable price. Why? Because we want CBD to be available to everyone, not just those who can afford it. We see the value in CBD, and we want you to experience the results. We want to deliver buying club pricing, just without the membership costs.

Need more proof of the quality and purity of our CBD products? View our COA (Certificate of Analysis) collection and compare it to other CBD sellers on the market.

Let us know if you have any questions as we’re always here to help!

Why should I purchase CBD from Peace River?
Peace River was founded on a bonehead-simple foundation: Source the highest quality, organically grown CBD available from GMP and FDA-certified labs, then deliver it at cost-plus pricing. You’re not going to find anything better. At Peace River, we offer you buying club pricing, without any membership fees. And if you’re not satisfied, we offer a 60-day moneyback guarantee. If you’ve been paying $60-$130 or more for an honest 1000mg equivalent of CBD in a product, you should be asking your supplier why? If they have a reason, we don’t know what it is. CBD should not be a luxury item, but an affordable supplement that can be part of our daily well-being.
Will you be adding more CBD products in the future?
Yes! We are currently evaluating other CBD products like topical products (roll-on and balm), immune-support formulations, lotions, gel caps with curcumin or melatonin, cosmetics, dog treats and even horse products. Let us know what else you’d like to see us carry at