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What Is The Best Time of The Day to Use CBD Oil?

by | Sep 1, 2021 | Blog Posts | 0 comments

CBD, or cannabidiol, serves an integral role in many people’s day-to-day lives. Countless individuals praise CBD products as a vital source of peace and relaxation. Just as there are a unique array of routines, there are multiple ways to incorporate CBD into your lifestyle.

There’s no golden rule when it comes to when the best time of day is to take CBD. The best option will vary from person to person. In this blog, we’ll go over the benefits of taking CBD at different times of the day. 

CBD in the Morning

Benefits of CBD in the morning

We can’t all be morning people but we can all reap the benefits of a morning CBD routine! Start your day off right with a dose of tranquility. CBD can help kick that dreaded “brain fog” we experience after forcing ourselves to wake up after snoozing our alarm one too many times. CBD helps the body reach homeostasis faster and for a longer period of time. That means you could feel more energized while also enjoying an underlying sense of calm as well. 

CBD Midday 

Benefits of CBD in the afternoon

Perhaps you aren’t one that needs a leg up to get your day started but you do find yourself suffering from the midday slumps. It can be difficult to get over that hump when a wave of exhaustion and stress crashes into you right at 3 pm. CBD may help lift you out of the depths of this low-energy rut. It can potentially work to quell your nerves and help your body regain balance. Once you achieve a more even state of mind and body, you’ll have a better chance of finishing the day off strong.

CBD At Night 

Benefits of CBD in the evening

Mind racing after a long day of work and play? It can be difficult to break through that internal dialogue and get some shut-eye when you’re still buzzing from the activities and stressors of the day. CBD is renowned for its potential to help the user unwind and relax. It has the potential to calm the nervous system, making it easier to shut down and put down that internal to-do list so you can find restful sleep easier. Simply take your CBD an hour or so before bedtime. 

How to Determine the Best Time to Take CBD

The best time to take CBD is whenever you can carve out the time to. Just like a vitamin or protein drink, these are best taken whenever you can best remember to take them. Using CBD should be a seamless integration into your daily life. When does it make the most sense in your routine to take CBD?

You should also check in with your body when you start CBD. Reactions to it can vary from person to person. Some feel a boost of energy. These folks should probably consider taking CBD in the morning or midday. Others gain a sense of relaxation. If you fall into this camp, a nighttime routine could be right for you. Pay close attention to how your body and mind react to a new CBD routine and adjust accordingly.

Can I take CBD Multiple Times a Day? 

If you’re reading this guide and thinking “I’m struggling to keep balance all day long” don’t fret! CBD can be taken several times a day if that’s what works best for your body. But before you commit to taking CBD multiple times a day, be sure to hone in on your ideal dose. The key is to start with a lower dose and slowly increase the amount from there. Once you find your stride, you can split up your dose so you can spread out the benefits of your CBD routine throughout the day. 

CBD’s action is quite subtle. Oftentimes, you are at your proper dose of CBD when you simply begin to feel just like your “normal” self again, or have a great night’s sleep, or you don’t notice that ache or pain that has been bugging you. 

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