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Peace River Partners With Unlocking Autism to Spread Awareness

by | Dec 16, 2020 | News/Press Releases | 0 comments

Peace River Wellness, LLC is proud to announce our new partnership with Unlocking Autism! This cause is near and dear to our hearts. Tom Schenk, our CEO, has a young grandson with autism; he understands the challenges families face with this condition. He also realizes the importance of awareness and empowerment surrounding Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 

At the core of what we do as a company is an ambition to provide high-quality, affordable CBD products to those who otherwise might not have the means to try it. With this partnership, we hope to provide resources to parents and caregivers like you about the potential benefits of CBD for the families providing care for a loved one with ASD. We also hope to play a part in increasing awareness around ASD and the staggering statistics of those who are diagnosed with it. 

Hand in hand with Unlocking Autism, we hope to shed light on avenues your family can explore outside of traditional measures and treatments. Since Peace River’s high-quality CBD products are affordable on principle, families in the ASD community can easily explore if this is a fit without the worry of high costs.   

Our New Partner 

Unlocking Autism (UA) does an excellent job advocating for the ASD community. They recognize that each person’s experience with autism is unique and should be addressed as such. This cause is at the center of UA’s hearts as well. 

After the founder of UA, Shelley Hendrix McLaughlin, found out her son Liam was diagnosed with autism in 1998, she picked up the torch to become a steadfast leader in the ASD community. For over 20 years, she’s worked with a number of some of the largest ASD awareness organizations to help write, petition, and pass federal laws in support of those with ASD and their families. 

Mika Bradford-Kidwill CN, CPhT, serves as a central partner to Shelley and Unlocking Autism. Her son Jacob, was also diagnosed with autism as a young child. Since then, she’s founded the North Texas Division of Families for Effective Autism Treatment (FEAT) and works as a fierce ASD advocate. She also hosts a podcast, Connected with Mika, aimed at connecting the broader special needs community worldwide.

ASD is a multifaceted condition. With a wide array of symptoms and associated comorbidities, each treatment plan can vary greatly. This is why education and continued galvanization is vital. UA is actively engaged in both grassroots and political efforts, as well as, working directly with impacted families.    

What sets UA apart from other organizations is the flexibility and speed of its small and lean mentality. They act fast in the face of crisis situations and work hard to connect other ASD organizations with a similar mission. Additionally, they spearhead national policy change and advocacy for the entire ASD community. Their goal is to continue helping individuals with autism and their families as well as to educate others on all things ASD. 

Partnership Details 

Peace River Wellness, LLC is excited to work with Unlocking Autism to help bolster their funding for projects and initiatives such as awareness campaigns, family counseling hotlines, family grant support for families struggling to pay medical expenses, and autism education programs. 

Unlike big organizations, most of the donations sent to UA go directly towards tangible change for families in the ASD community. They can shift on a dime to move funds towards whatever problems need more attention from UA. Customers, advocates, and donors can rest assured that your contributions through the kindness of Peace River CBD’s pledge will directly benefit an ASD family in need or the broader ASD community as a whole. 

Peace River CBD is donating up to $0.50 cents per product sold through the advocates, partners, and associations of the ASD community. It’s our mission to help fund the important measures that are so desperately needed to help as many families in the ASD community as possible.

Why Choose CBD For Individuals with ASD?

Every family’s journey with ASD is unique and every person on the ASD spectrum will experience varying degrees of symptoms and comorbidities. As a developmental disorder, many individuals with ASD will see its effects on communication, behavior, and social engagement. Common comorbidities can include OCD, ADHD/ADD, anxiety, depression, and a number of other physical or mental ailments.

The potential benefits of CBD in the ASD community:

  • Many individuals and families praise CBD for its potential benefits including relief from inflammation and stress.
  • UA is actively working to raise awareness around the burden inflammation puts on individuals with ASD.
  • There’s promising evidence that decreasing inflammation in those with ASD can help alleviate other symptoms as well. 
  • The evidence also points to some people experiencing a reduction in stress, trouble sleeping, anxiety, and fatigue, which are just a few common conditions families living with a loved one affected by ASD are all too familiar with.

How to Get Involved

Simply purchase Peace River’s high-quality CBD products on our website, and identify that you heard about us through this partnership with Unlocking Autism. Each purchase will provide a portion of the proceeds (up to $0.50 cents) to Unlocking Autism. Be sure to select the drop-down menu at checkout and indicate that you heard about us through Unlocking Autism and our beautiful ASD strong community.  

Peace River CBD looks forward to working closely with Unlocking Autism to give families alternative options to alleviate the comorbidities associated with ASD. Stay tuned for updates as we continue this partnership and work together to positively impact the ASD community. We’ll be sure to provide more information on how your contributions have impacted the ASD community that we care for so deeply!