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Pro Surfer Summer Macedo Talks CBD and Finding New Ways to Destress

by | Dec 30, 2020 | News/Press Releases | 0 comments

Peace River sponsors Pro Surfer Summer Macedo

We often marvel at the incredible feats young pro athletes can achieve. Soaring to new heights and smashing records, it can be easy to forget these incredible individuals are just as human as anyone else. Climbing the ranks to achieve prestige in any sport can be hard on the body and mind. That’s why so many athletes are turning towards CBD for relief.  

Summer Macedo is one athlete incorporating CBD into her routine to help her find her center. At just 20 years old, Summer has 12 competition wins and 15 career medals under her belt. She’s been putting in extreme effort since she was 10 years old since a young age and has now worked her way to the top of WSL (World Surf League). But with so many years in competition, stress slowly started to affect her performance in competition. 

In 2019, Summer hit a bit of a mental block. Every competition she entered brought along with it a great sense of pressure. Her focus zeroed in on winning. With so much emphasis placed on the outcome, Summer felt the distracting strain of stress going into each competition. The sport she loved was starting to weigh on her, both physically and mentally. But Summer was steadfast in her commitment to shake this sense of worry.

“I was putting in all the work I could in and out of the water but not in my head”, Summer shared. 

Once competitions stopped in 2020 due to the Coronavirus, she worked with her manager at the Athelo Group to strategize a way to get back on track. They decided it was time to reach out to a sports psychologist. For six months, Summer and her sports psychologist, Hannah Huesman, worked on ways to overcome her mental block so she can freely pursue her goals. One of the first calls to action? Have the most fun possible while training for her sport. 

As a self-proclaimed high-strung individual, Summer had to work hard to get to a place where she wasn’t preoccupied with the thought of losing. Doing what Summer knows best –hard work and resilience – she’s found ways to override her fear so she can enjoy surfing for the love and passion that comes with competition. Summer knew this new chapter in her life brought on a new level of competition, and to maximize her potential rise to the top she was open to ideas of improving her mental game. Summer cites her sports psychologist and a regular Peace River CBD regiment as two helpful tools she used to help shake the tension.

Since embarking on this journey, Summer has found she can overcome her stress much easier now. After 8 long months of dedicated training and grounding herself mentally, she was fully prepared to go out and compete. While she was in Brazil this year (2020), she trained in some of the toughest ocean conditions she’s encountered. Armed with a renewed sense of calm and sharpened skills, she entered a competition. Despite being nervous, she blew it out of the water and took home her first win in the country her father was born – and she did it as a citizen of Brazil!

CBD helped Summer to find a balanced state of mind and restful sleep for a better recovery. Peace River CBD is proud to be a part of her strategy to recharge and recenter. Summer says she aligns with our mission to create high-quality products aimed at improving the lives of our customers. It is her firm belief that CBD can help any person with numerous aspects of their life. 

“To me [Peace River] feels like a really tight-knit community. Like a family. I really appreciate the fact that they try to make the best CBD they can… and they try to make it affordable,” she affirmed.

Mentally and physically, Summer feels empowered and well prepared to tackle this next chapter in her life and career. She hopes to move outside of the Junior League and progress on to the Challenger Series. 

When we asked if she thinks other pro athletes should take time for their mental health she answered with a resounding “yes”. She believes that it’s important to find joy in your sport to maintain an overall balanced life. Moreover, she thinks other athletes could also benefit from giving CBD a try to reduce stress. 

“I think pro athletes have a lot of stress in their lives,” Summer mused, “I feel that the CBD definitely calms me down… I have a little less anxiety; I remember to breathe.”  

We’re honored to sponsor such a talented, resilient young woman. Be sure to keep your eye out for what’s around the corner for Summer Macedo as she continues to excel in the world of surfing!