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Liposomal Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture 3-Pack

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Study shows new liposomal delivery technology dramatically increases absorption of CBD

An interview with Dr. Emek Blair

  • NEW Liposomal Formula
  • 10x greater bioavailability
  • Broad-Spectrum CBD
  • 0.0% THC
  • 3 bottles/1oz (30mL) each
  • Made with Peace River’s Liposomal CBD formula for fast-acting results
  • 10x greater bioavailability
  • Broad-Spectrum CBD
  • 1oz (30mL)
  • 0.5mL servings/60 servings in a bottle
  • 0.0% THC


Purified Water, Water, Stevia Leaf Extract (as Glucosylsteviosides), Natural Flavors, Non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin**, Glycerin (from palm kernel), Hibiscus Flower Extract (Hibiscus Sabdariffa), Xanthan Gum, Acacia Gum, Potassium Sorbate.

**Essential Lipid Blend



We recommend taking ½ (0.5mL) per dropper as a starting dosage. Take daily for better results. Increase serving size if necessary.


Money-Back Guarantee

All of our CBD products carry a 60-day money-back guarantee because we have complete confidence in our products. See specifics for our money-back guarantee here.


Product Description:

You are looking at the next generation in CBD bioavailability! Few people realize that as much as 80%-90% of orally consumed CBD ends up being unused, broken down, and passed through our digestive system. Our liposomal formulation encapsulates the CBD molecule and other beneficial hemp actives in a microscopic oil “bubble” that is similar to the membrane around cells. The result is almost immediate absorption.


Because our liposomal CBD formulation is so effective and quickly absorbed, you only need a fraction of the dosage required with conventional CBD products. No need to hold it under your tongue. Just swallow it or mix with your favorite beverage. If you want the most effective CBD product available, this is it.

The Liposomal CBD Dosage Difference

Peace River’s Liposomal Formulation is in a very unique class all of its own. It is one of the most powerful and effective CBD products you can buy! Most people do not know this: It really doesn’t take much CBD to achieve the positive effects you are seeking – but only IF you can deliver it into your system efficiently!


Most traditional CBD products cannot. Up to 80% or more of an oral dosage of CBD can be lost by passing through your digestive system or destroyed by your liver. This is why most CBD products recommend a large dosage to compensate for what never reaches your internal endocannabinoid system.


Liposomal Delivery

Delivery is another word for bioavailability. Bioavailability describes how much of a substance actually enters your system for absorption. CBD can be “delivered” orally with a tincture, gummy, or pill, but it is not the most efficient way to get CBD into your system because most of it is destroyed in the digestion process.


In humans, our entire endocannabinoid system functions with “lipid-based” neurotransmitters. Lipids are a type of fat or oil in our bodies. To understand liposomes, think of a bubble with a particular nutrient carried inside of it. Mothers’ milk is nature’s most efficient liposomal nutrient delivery system there is. Peace River’s 8th generation Liposomal CBD Formulation is the closest science has come to replicating that delivery system.  


This means you can take a smaller dosage than other CBD products, have a greater effect, and have your product last longer. All Peace River’s products are gently extracted from organically-grown USA hemp to preserve all the cannabinoid actives and terpenes.


How to Get the Best Results:

  • Shake before using.
  • Take one-half dropper (.5mL) 1-2 times per day or as directed by a medical professional.
  • Use it on a daily basis instead of just when you think you need it.
  • Just add to your favorite juice or beverage.
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How much Liposomal CBD should I take?

Every person is different and the amount of CBD you need an absorb will differ. We recommend starting with ½ of a dropper full of our Liposomal CBD Tincture 1-2 times daily. If this doesn’t work for you, you can increase the dosage. Consult your medical professional for a dosage that will work well for you.

What is the difference between CBD oil and Liposomal CBD?

Liposomal CBD isn’t an oil. Aside from this, the main differences between CBD oil and liposomal are bioavailability and preference. Since liposomal CBD is constructed for fast absorption, better absorption, and longer lasting effects, it’s a superior formula for those who want faster results.

Is Liposomal CBD better than CBD oil?

Not necessarily. Liposomal CBD is noticeably different, but that doesn’t mean it’s better for everyone. If you’ve ever wondered about the effectiveness of CBD previously, try our liposomal formula and see if CBD will work for you.

How much CBD mg is in a bottle?

There is a total of 600mg of hemp actives within a bottle of Peace River’s Liposomal CBD Tincture. Of this total milligram count, 300mg of CBD is in each bottle. Since the liposomal bioavailability is significantly higher and more efficient than traditional CBD products, the body doesn’t need as many milligrams of CBD.

Why is Peace River CBD Oil So Affordable?

Peace River was founded on bringing CBD consumers top-shelf quality at cost-plus pricing. Our motto is, “What good is CBD if you can't afford to use it?” Our vision is for everyone to be able to afford CBD oil! Why should your CBD oil cost the same as pharmaceuticals if it’s 100% natural? We firmly believe that CBD oil is nature’s way of helping humanity regain itself in a world of stress and chaos.

With Peace River broad-spectrum CBD oil, you are getting the highest quality of CBD oil for an affordable price. Unlike most CBD companies, no price gouging will ever come from us!

Nature intended on everyone sharing in the benefits of CBD. 

Additional information

Weight 8 oz


ATTENTION: It has been reported that, in some rare cases, legal CBD products on the market have caused some sensitive drug tests to read positive.  All Peace River CBD products have had any residual THC remediated down to levels even below federal allowable trace THC limits of 0.3%.  Nevertheless, when purchasing any of Peace River Wellness products, the buyer acknowledges awareness of this risk.

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  2. Al Lorenz (verified owner)

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    Taste Great Works As Expected. I Switched From Another Name Brand. Great Price and Performance

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  3. Brendan Gila (verified owner)

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  4. Larry Bryant (verified owner)

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    My wife has rheumatoid arthritis and your liposomal cbd tincture gives her tremendous relief. She takes 3-4 dose per day. Thank you so much for the wonderful and affordable product.

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  5. Lynn (verified owner)

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    This is a sleep maker

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