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The New Way to Purchase CBD Oil

by | May 4, 2020 | Blog Posts | 0 comments

Welcome to Peace River CBD®! We’re excited to have you here and can’t wait to share our products with you.

Over the years, CBD (cannabidiol) oil has become more popularized and has risen in demand in those states where it has been legalized. Instead of just jumping into the mainstream of CBD suppliers, we wanted to do something different, something unique.

We’ve been researching CBD and its benefits for years. As science and clinical trials continue to strive for the truth of CBD oil’s side effects, we’ve noticed an explosion of retailers selling CBD both in stores and online. This got us thinking, why is CBD oil so expensive? So we got to researching deeper into the industry!

CBD oil comes from plants; specifically hemp plants. These hemp plants are grown in a field at high volume then, the extraction process begins. The end result is CBD oil.

We continued wondering, if there is no shortage of hemp plants, then why is CBD oil so expensive? None of the information from these well-known companies who sell CBD could provide us with the true information as to the pricing of CBD oil. This is when Alice (Peace River) jumped into rabbit hole to find out why the cost of CBD oil is so unreasonable.

Then, we started thinking more about the product itself. Does premium quality CBD oil really mean that it needs to be this expensive?! People are paying outrageous prices of sometimes well over $100 for a single bottle of their CBD oil. So, is it the farming process? The extraction process? It couldn’t be the bottling.

The answer?

Price gouging! As it turns out, these companies set a benchmark price for CBD oil, making it one of the most expensive supplements on the market for no good reason.

That’s when we decided it was time to set realistic prices and we soon found out that there was more to the industry than we originally had thought.

Farmers are actually sitting on too much hemp for CBD extraction! What this is doing is putting a strain on the market since the end-user cost is so high. Not everyone can afford a $100 bottle of CBD oil every month or however fast they use up their supply. So, what these large companies are actually doing by keeping prices so high is killing the market.

We want to put a stop to this madness by bringing the public what you deserve: Inexpensive, reasonably priced, affordable CBD oil. We don’t care about profit margins that exceed something like 400% that so many of these companies are profiting on. Instead, we only care about everyone being able to afford and experience the benefits of CBD oil.

That’s when we thought of creating Peace River CBD®. Peace River was founded on a bonehead-simple foundation: Source the highest quality, organically grown CBD available from GMP and FDA-certified labs, then deliver it at cost-plus pricing. It’s that simple.

Now, premium CBD that everyone can afford on a regular basis without you emptying your bank account.

This has been a long time in the making, and we couldn’t be more excited to finally share it with you! Please visit our shop page to find the CBD oil that’s right for you.

Welcome to the new way to purchase CBD oil, as it should be.