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Why CBD Oil Is Useful for All Ages

by | Oct 26, 2020 | Blog Posts | 0 comments

When we talk about CBD, the conversation usually revolves around the potential benefits for young to middle-aged adults.

Since it was legalized on a federal level, this age group has fully embraced the potential of CBD products. In fact, a recent survey revealed that 40% of Americans aged 18-29 and 32% of those aged 30-44 have tried CBD at some point. But this revolutionary plant compound is useful in other age brackets as well. 

What Is CBD Used For?

Before we discuss how CBD could be useful to different age groups, let’s briefly cover what it is. Cannabidiol (CBD) belongs to a family of over 113 chemical components found in the hemp and Cannabis sativa L. plant. These plant compounds are called phytocannabinoids. Some other notable cannabinoids are THC, CBG, and THCA

The CBD products you can purchase nationwide are derived from industrial hemp. It can come in many different forms. From gel capsules to infused beverages, the list grows as CBD gains popularity. *Many people report feeling pain relief and a sense of calm while taking CBD regularly. These potential benefits work by interacting with our body’s natural endocannabinoid system.

*We are not making any claims that CBD can or will treat, cure, or aid health conditions, pain relief, or benefit other receptors. There currently isn’t enough research conducted to verify the usage of CBD for any medical uses.

CBD for Seniors

Senior woman in running gear

As a senior (qualified as age 60-65+ in the USA), the thought of incorporating CBD into your life might sound like a stretch. After all, anything associated with marijuana was considered taboo for most of your life by the government and private institutes. But the potential benefits of these products are something that could make a huge difference in your day to day life. 

Let’s clarify! CBD is not the same as THC. Although there can be up to 0.3% THC in some industrial hemp products, there are zero psychoactive effects associated with hemp-derived CBD. Some products such as broad-spectrum and isolate CBD even contain 0.0% THC (undetectable traces of THC). 

If you’re contemplating whether or not to give CBD a try, you can consult your doctor to gain some insight into your specific health situation. They can guide you towards an option that can complement your lifestyle and any ongoing treatments you’re currently undergoing.

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What Potential Benefits Does CBD Have for Seniors?

There are a host of reasons why a senior might consider adding CBD into their daily routine. Generally, CBD is said to elicit a feeling of homeostasis in the body. Many CBD users report a feeling of relaxation and stress relief.

According to an article published in November 2018, that reviewed multiple studies on CBD and chronic pain, CBD may also be a helpful tool in pain management. Those with ailments such as arthritis, sciatica, or general muscle aches could potentially ease their symptoms with regular CBD use.

However, more research would need to be conducted to finalize these findings.

Research also suggests that CBD could be useful in treating Alzheimer’s and dementia. Preliminary lab studies show that cannabinoids including CBD could remove a toxic protein related to the illness called amyloid beta.

CBD for Children

Mother and daughter meditate

There’s likely one question that comes to mind when the topic of CBD use in children is breached: is it safe? There isn’t enough research that has been conducted and regulated by federal entities to prove the safety of CBD for any age.

Mostly, parents that give their children CBD do it at their own discretion. The truth is, some parents will be more comfortable in giving their children CBD than others. At this time, we are looking to current studies to find the potential benefits that CBD may have for children.

Just like any food or supplement you incorporate into your child’s life, there are some things to keep in mind. 

We’re still learning if CBD has any potential long-term side effects in children. But there are a few things we do know. With a THC content of 0.3% and under, there’s no need to worry if your child will experience psychoactive effects while taking CBD. But it can interfere with the effectiveness of certain medications so check with your doctor if your child has any prescriptions.

According to research, CBD is generally safe to take at any dose. But when introducing CBD to your child’s routine, start with a low dose to see how they react. Their starting dose will depend on their weight, the desired potency, and the product. You can use this calculator to get a rough idea of where to start.

Again, we recommend consulting your child’s primary physician first before taking CBD so it doesn’t contradict any current medication(s).

What Potential Benefits Does CBD Have for Children?

Some parents turn to CBD when they want to alleviate symptoms associated with ADHD, autism, or anxiety. Though there are still limited studies to back up that CBD is helpful in treating these conditions, there is mounting anecdotal evidence.

However, though the parent’s intention is to alleviate a chronic health condition such as ADHD, as we’ve previously addressed, CBD hasn’t been proven to aid with health conditions in children aside from epilepsy.

Only one CBD product has proven to be an effective treatment for childhood epilepsy. In fact, the FDA approved the medication that contains CBD called Epidiolex. It’s used to treat Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome.

Whatever Your Age, Try the CBD That Works for You

While research is still being conducted with clinical trials and other real-world studies on the effects of CBD, there is no research that can deny the potential benefits of this phytocannabinoid. In fact, many studies have shown success in various animals such as rats and dogs that CBD has many benefits.

With the studies conducted, it appears that CBD should be made available to everyone to try.

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